School and law enforcement officials to join funding request for more school liaison officers

On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, in continuation of last year’s special informational hearings on “Curbing Gun Violence,” school officials will speak during the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Public Services Committee meeting. The meeting begins at 11:30 am and the hearing will be the first item on the regular agenda. The meeting will be held in the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Committee Room A, located 1200 Telegraph Road in Pontiac, Michigan and will be webcast live.

Public Services Committee Chairman Bill Dwyer and Commissioner Marcia Gershenson are continuing their bipartisan effort to Examine How Oakland County Citizens Are Protected From Gun Violence. They recently introduced a resolution also sponsored by Commissioners Helaine Zack, Michael Spisz and Gary McGillivray to the Board of Commissioners supporting increased state funding for local school law enforcement officers.

The resolution presented on March 19th highlighted the fact that the state’s budget revenues have improved and that unallocated funding should be available for investment in school safety for Michigan’s children, by requesting more security and law enforcement liaison officers. The resolution will be presented at the public services committee meeting on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, where the school officials will share their insight during the informational hearing.

Commissioner Dwyer, who is a former Police Chief and Commissioner Marcia Gershenson, who is a former teacher, are passionate about seeking solutions to this issue. The informational hearing scheduled for April 1st will include the following panelists to speak from a school safety perspective:

  • Lake Orion Schools Superintendent Marion Ginopolis
  •  Madison Heights Schools Superintendent Randy Speck
  • Walled Lake Superintendent Kenneth Gutman
  • Oakland County Sheriff Major Bob Smith
  • West Bloomfield Chief Mike Patton

These officials will discuss and answer questions relating to school safety. County Commissioner Bill Dwyer stated, “There are schools that have no funding available for school liaison officers. We are asking the Governor and state legislature to appropriate unallocated funds as grants to those school districts.”

Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson, a former school teacher, shared his sentiments stating, “We are all committed to keeping our children safe. Schools are a place for learning and safety liaison officers are critical eyes and ears in our schools. We need to be sure that all schools have liaisons.”

All informational hearings will immediately follow the regular Public Services Committee meeting which begins at 11:30 a.m. All meeting are open to the public and public input is welcome.

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