School boards to seat new members

The Rochester board of education will have two new members next year. In Tuesday’s election, incumbent Beth Talbert finished first with 1,148 votes. Jane Pierobon finished second with 960 votes; Pat Piskulich finished third with 819 votes. They defeated newcomers Jeremy Nielson and Tom Malysz. Two incumbents chose not to run.

Pierobon is a nurse. Piskulich is on the faculty at Oakland University, as is Talbert. The new members will be sworn in in January.

“We’re very pleased,” Piskulich said. “I’m thrilled to be with Beth and Jane on the board.”

He said the district is currently negotiating with six of its seven labor units.

“Things are changing so fast in Lansing right now … we’re still trying to estimate how big the (budget) hole is,” he said. “There’s no question this is daunting. … I knew that going in.”

In the Avondale school district, incumbents Ken Hedrick and Stephen Sucher were re-elected. Newcomer Scott Bittinger of Troy, who finished first, will take over the seat being vacated by Tammy Muczynski.

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