Scot Beaton Designs New City Logo- Please Vote!

Upscale Design Proposed by Scot Beaton free of charge

1. Logo color and type font… We do now have a simple clean logo thanks to Royal Oak Michigan. Just needs a few tweaks. Just needs upscale colors and an upscale type font. Please let me know… do you like the one on the left or the new one I did on the right… If you like the one on the right please let the Mayor know. Why? can’t we use upscale colors; our new sign will have a dead brown tree on it in a field of brown dead grass.
2. New monument sign at the entrance way to City Hall… We can do better than Bloomfield or Birmingham. First please give up on the message board idea. If you need a message board rent one as needed. Let’s explore creating a modern upscale sign that we can duplicate around town as funding becomes available. Let’s create a Michigan work of art. The stone and the steal could be Michigan made; which would make a great press release for our city and the artists involved. The new Crooks sign could duplicate the look but could be made with look-alike materials.

Why? can’t we use this committed funding to replace both signs?… use the $20,000 electronic messaging board cost for a new sign at City Hall for a new sign in the center of the new Crooks Boulevard, and tear down the blue and white one in front of the bank. Why? do we need a tag line… I like the one Birmingham Michigan uses “Welcomes You”… our new tag line is “innovative by nature”… works maybe in a brochure to sell potential new business to move to Rochester Hills; but please not on a community entrance way sign. This second design would match City Hall and would look very elegant with nice simple landscaping in the center of the new crooks boulevard.


Happy Holidays

Scot Beaton
655 Bolinger St. Rochester Hills 48307
phone: 24/7 248.650.7862
Political Experience former Rochester Hills City Council member 1988 to 1997
President, Rochester Hills City Council (2 Years)
Work: Advertising Industry… my creative work has been recognized 5 times in the New York International CLIO Awards Show
My Background is: Design and Branding

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  1. Tom Zelinski says


    Thanks. I like the one on right. The offices sign and welcome are classy.

    Tom Zelinski

  2. I think it’s a stretch to say he designed a “new” logo. Best I can tell he changed a few colors around…

  3. Replacing a brown tree is a big positive change — looking long term to what will happen with the weather is better than we got with Barnett!

    Does the City listen to the Youth Voice or is it just a feel good exercise because the youth voiced his dislike on the plan!

    The new plan would fly better with the Planning Commission who were under cut by the late visit! But when we have 80% not vote this is what we get!

    One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is
    that you end up being governed by your inferiors. – Plato

  4. I tip my hat to Scott for the effort, but I question why make the effort. The City Council is not going to listen or change their plans for the Coney Island blinking message board. I say that, because they never listen to resident input and the most recent election just guaranteed another four years of 5-2 votes. Voters essentially said that the way they do business was OK. Elections have consequences.

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