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Recently I posted Detroit News endorsements… apparently, this web page was under construction, and it looks as though they had the wrong header initially, and their graphic designer decided to highlight every other name which one would immediately interpret as the endorsements. Not sure why this happened, but they said that those were NOT endorsements and have changed the header of the page. The Detroit News will NOT be making any local endorsements this election season.

Sorry for any confusion.

Please Vote!!! November 8th 2011


my 2 cents for what it’s worth
I also personally pledged NOT to make any endorsements this election season… BUT here are my thoughts

Rochester Hills
One 4-year term
Erik Ambrozaitis…
Personal history with Erik… was told by Erik to my face in front of my house that he was no longer interested in local politics the same weekend he was out collecting signatures for this years mayors race. I don’t vote for liars!

Bryan K. Barnett *
Council At-Large
Two 4-year terms

Kathleen Fitzgerald… has been very responsive to my numerous emails and has proven she is willing to learn and listen.

Dee Hilbert… was told by Dee to my face in her kitchen last fall that if she did run for City Council she would run an independent campaign… she would fund her campaign 100%, and would not seek any endorsements. This spring she ask me for money and wanted my help/endorsement. I don’t vote for campaign strategy flip flopers!

Mark Tisdel… has been very responsive to my numerous emails… But his recent comments need a very public clarification… YES we elect those to make a decision for us… BUT more importantaly we elect those who listen to us and know how to make an informed decision.

Michael Webber * … has been very responsive to my numerous emails… and has proven he is willing to learn and listen… HE sole handedly saved the deer population with his swing vote… and has learned to listen; after the residents spoke; voted NO to water tanks… this incumbent has proven he deserves another four years.

Council – District 2… I can’t vote for either candidate both have been very responsive to my numerous emails… both would be a good choice… BUT here’s where I get to be totally politically incorrect… I am 56 years old. We need a MOTHER on City Council a woman’s perspective about our homes and children… sorry Adam please run again in the future for a Council At-Large seat. Laurie is the only mother that has a chance at actually winning this election season.
One 4-year term

Adam Kochenderfer
Laurie Puscas
Council – District 3
One 4-year term

Greg Hooper *
Library Board
One partial term ending 11/17/2013

Anne Kucher *
Library Board
Two 6-year terms
Mary Jean Lawson
Chuck Stouffer *

* incumbent

Charter Amendment: Parks and Open Spaces Proposal
Add Section 11.8

Parks and Open Spaces; spaces are not to be sold, leased, transferred, exchanged or converted unless approved by voters.
Vote Yes
Vote No

Finally parks and open spaces… If you vote YES you will give Mayor Bryan K. Barnett the ammunition he needs if his administration still wants to build water tanks in parks… let me try to explain. If he can sell a business model to the residents that water tanks will save our residents money in their water bill… the MAJORITY of residents will support building tanks and will not care where we build them.

Please Vote!!! November 8th 2011
Scot Beaton

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  1. Your logic on the Parks and Open Space Amendment completely escapes me. You say that voting “Yes” would mean that a majority of us citizens, enfranchised by the Amendment, would likely vote for a proposal to put a tuna can in a park, given a good business case. That’s just the point of the Amendment! It’s not about water reservoirs. It’s about the process. At the moment, there isn’t one. A great idea will stand on its own merit with us, but at least we’ll have a chance to decide that it is, in fact, a great idea – an option that we don’t have now.

    Voting down the Amendment will mean that the Mayor and Council will continue to not need ANY votes from ANY of us currently disenfranchised citizens at all to do absolutely anything they want with our parks, and in fact, would need no business case or justification, whatsoever to do whatever they want!!!!! Are you advocating that we have no voice in these matters at all, as is the current case? Are you really saying that our parks deserve less protection than a DPS garage or pumping station which are protected in section 11.7 of the City Charter? It seems that you are!!!

    Who are you, and what have you done with Scot Beaton?

    Gary Uhl

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