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A Couples Weekend to Lexington

A Couple’s Weekend to Lexington, part one By Michael Dwyer and Sonya Julie  All About Horses Lexington, the Horse Capital of the World, is where visitors can experience the Kentucky Horse Park, take a horse farm tour, or go to the races at Keeneland Race Course. A one of a kind educational theme park, the Kentucky Horse Park,  hosts equine competitions and working horses. They opened to the public in 1978 as a family-friendly venue dedicated to the relationship between human and … [Read more...]

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit Takes Top Honors at National Competition

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit received first place in the prestigious Uniform Class competition at the National Mounted Police Colloquium in Lexington, Kentucky at the Kentucky Horse Park this year. Deputy Julie Byrd, a 23-year veteran of the Unit, and ‘Rico’, a Westphalian with three years of experience with the Unit, were a truly remarkable team and received the first place honors in the Uniform Class competition. Preparation for this class requires months of planning … [Read more...]

Horsing Around in the Bluegrass

By Michael Dwyer and Sonya Julie Lexington was Kentucky’s first city and residents were so sure of their role in the new nation that they embraced decadent banquets, dancing, horseracing, and torchlight parades. Bankers, lawyers, and merchants brought an extension of the elite to the city and mingled with the emerging professional class. Exotic travel books were written and visitors were greeted by a new gentry with Old World ways when visiting the “Athens of the West.” The Running of … [Read more...]

An Early Spring for Couples in Kentucky

A Couples Weekend to Lexington, Kentucky, part two By Michael Dwyer and Sonya Julie Spring comes about a month earlier in Kentucky compared to Michigan. Head south for an early spring and a couple's weekend. Shopping Around Lexington  This extraordinary bookstore, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, with its massive domed structure is home to thousands of titles, gifts, educational games, and the popular Bronte Bistro. Priding itself in being an integral part of the community, Joseph-Beth hosts … [Read more...]

Travel Dreams 2014

I have travel dreams just like everyone else. Twenty-fourteen will take me to new places, I will return to some old favorites, and I will try to fulfill ongoing travel dream adventures. Here we are, entering month three of the new year and even if you enjoy what winter brings, the snow and cold are making the year feel extremely long. Travel planning brings a warm light onto my soul as I rifle through my 2014 calendar – when am I free, when am I busy – outlining my travel schedule. Maybe … [Read more...]

Folk Art in Berea

Daniel Boone and Berea College Around the time of the Revolutionary War, a group of brave and wild men, led by Daniel Boone, blazed a trail from the east and over the mountains into Kentucky. Awed by the beauty, Boone settled in the area. In 1855 Berea College was founded. Thirty minutes south of Lexington, KY, Berea is just off Interstate-75. Berea is “the folk arts & crafts capitol of Kentucky.” If you like hand-made, local products, bring your charge cards, the shopping is … [Read more...]