Sharon Pizzuti is Ready to Serve Rochester Hills as the Next City Councilwoman At Large

The Pizzuti’s moved to Rochester Hills 27 years ago knowing it was where they wanted to live and raise a family. Their first apartment was at Dequindre Road and M-59, and they quickly became aware of the beautiful parks and exceptional services offered to its residents. Today, Sharon, her husband Rob, and their two daughters reside in Rochester Hills District 2. They are working parents who make time to volunteer in Rochester Community Schools, volunteer at church, and help neighbors.

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Sharon Pizzuti is Ready to Serve Rochester Hills as the Next City Councilwoman At Large

On Sharon’s 18th birthday, she began her career in public service at the Oakland County Circuit Court. Ten years later, she moved to the Wayne County Circuit Court to apply what she had learned to a larger population. Throughout her years at both the Oakland County Circuit Court and Wayne County Circuit Court, she streamlined processes by implementing innovative policies and technologies that improved the services offered, all while being a mentor to incoming human service and court staff. Eventually she became a consultant for local, state, regional and the federal government providing evaluation, research, and recommendations for how to improve government processes to serve the public with the highest level of efficiency and integrity.

She has dedicated her life to serving families and children through forward thinking practices that acknowledge and include diverse populations and points of view. Sharon would like the many lessons she learned from her 30 years of experience to be utilized to help Rochester Hills residents and leaders who seek to continue preserving and improving policies, processes, approaches, and practices to shape the future of Rochester Hills.

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Sharon approaches everything she does with a baseline of kindness and a servant attitude. She does not seek personal accolades. In fact, her favorite thing to do is serve as a catalyst that connects the needs and issues of people with the right information and services. Once these important connections are solidified, she is happy to cheer them on. She understands how to form successful collaborations between government services, community partners, and sister agencies to answer the needs of residents. She is eager to apply this experience to the Rochester Hills City Council and give back to the city that she loves.

To keep Rochester Hills moving forward, Sharon would work to continue leveraging partnerships with the common goal of serving all our residents. She seeks to identify ways that we can jointly improve and expand information exchanges to educate and inform Rochester Hills residents on the best ways to provide infrastructure, innovation and inclusion.

She is committed to facilitating relationships through comfortable networking opportunities that recognize and honor the expertise in our community. As a city council member, she will work hard to:

  • Ensure accessible delivery of services to all residents
  • Recruit and retain a cross-section of residents for input to advisory councils
  • Identify and nurture mutually beneficial partnerships to benefit the residents and neighbors
  • Maintain and grow our city and its services as a nationally recognized and trusted example of city management

Rochester Hills Residents will vote at the Primary election on Tuesday August 6, 2019 to determine who will fill the two, open four-year term seats on City Council. “I would be honored to earn your vote,” said Pizzuti. To connect with Sharon, go to

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Sharon Pizzuti is Ready to Serve Rochester Hills as the Next City Councilwoman At Large

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  1. Joan L. Kotcher, Donut Dolly says

    I put up 3 signs for your opponent, Theresa Mungioli, near my house on Stanford Circle in Meadowbrook Valley Subdivision off Avon Road. In one day they are missing, including the one in my own yard. A sign for you has been there for weeks, unmolested. Obviously, you are the prime suspect. May I remind you there are penalties for that vandalism. I am going to get more signs and replace the ones that have been stolen. I will also ask my neighbors to temporarily train their security cameras on those signs. I have 6 more to put up in Precinct #17. If any of them are molested or missing, I will file a complaint against you. A copy of this Comment is going to the Mayor.

    • Cheryl nahas says

      I know you posted this almost a year ago but this is the first time I’ve seen it so I feel I need to say something. I’ve known Sharon for many, many years and have can say without hesitation that she or anyone in her family wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. Sharon is a very honest and faithful woman and is an outstanding example to her daughters and to all who know her. I know you have NO evidence so you really shouldn’t accuse someone of wrong doing unless you do. A copy of this is going to the mayor.

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