Sinkhole on Main Street in Downtown Rochester

As people have been noticing the “LiquiForce” trucks all over Rochester with their large pumps on trailers and hoses the size of trees in and out of sewer lines around the city, we witnessed a large sinkhole on Main Street yesterday afternoon.  The break in the road happened near the Dairy Queen and the Hollywood Market Mini Mart on Parkdale and Main Street. As you can see by the picturesSinkhole MainSt Rochester and the video, courtesy of local resident Brandon Wilson, it held up traffic for quite a while.  No one has commented on whether or not there is a connection with the sewer work being done around town, but the sinkhole was enough to stop an F150 pickup truck in it’s tracks.

The Liquiforce website says “Our unique Sinkhole MainSt Rochester-LiquidForce1agreen, no-dig Cured-in-Place Pipelining (CIPP) process relines pipelines with a continuous liner from access-point to access-point (manhole to manhole) or in sections (point repairs).

This process involves the inversion of a resin saturated felt liner into the existing pipeline. The inverted liner is heat-cured and the end result is a new, continuous pipeline inside the original host pipe. The resin is specially formulated for each pipeline application and the liner is custom-made to the exact pipeline diameter being repaired.

Our state-of-the-art CIPP process meets new pipe standards and durability (50-100 years) and repair cost, time and disruption is significantly reduced.



Sinkhole MainSt Rochester2

The Liquid Force website states:

The junction point between the main pipeline and a lateral pipeline connecting to a home or business is the weakest point of the overall waste water pipeline system.  Most problems at this point are a result of differential loading pressures or an improper connection.

Unlike other systems, our unique junction liner installation process chemically and mechanically bonds the junction liner to the main pipeline and th

Sinkhole MainSt Rochester-LiquidForce2a

e lateral connecting pipeline to a home or business, resulting in a one-piece pipeline system that is impervious to infiltration or leakage.


With our process there is no gradient separation between the junction and lateral liner which ensure maximum capacity flow.  By using large hydrophilic seals, our process also ensures that the new system is water-tight.

Our revolutionary new CIPP process does not require the installation of a costly clean-out or access to homes or businesses while repair work is underway.  Our unique process eliminates the risk from digging a clean-out and any related property damage.

Our entire repair process is carried out through access from the mainline manhole making our unique process totally trenchless, unlike any other in the industry.

Our new, state-of-the-art CIPP process has eliminated two-thirds of the traditional repair steps, significantly reducing repair cost and time.


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