Snowplow Drivers Needed for Part-Time Work with the Road Commission for Oakland County

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) is in the process of reviewing its winter operations with its truck drivers and preparing its trucks and plows in anticipation of the inevitable arrival of winter weather.

Oakland County Snowplow Truck
Oakland County Snowplow Truck

Again this year, RCOC is hiring part-time, temporary snowplow/salt-truck drivers to augment its full-time staff. The agency plans to hire 25 to 35 temporary drivers.

“Due to the seasonality of the essential services we provide, these part-time workers are a great way to ensure we provide the service that Oakland County residents deserve,” explained RCOC Chairman Greg Jamian. “With the part-time workers, we expect to have approximately 180 snowplow drivers available this winter.”

RCOC is also continuing to update its fleet of snowplows/salt trucks. “We are gradually replacing our aging fleet of trucks,” said RCOC Vice Chairman Ron Fowkes. “Over this past fiscal year, we added 24 new snowplow/dump trucks to update our fleet,” he added. “As an additional safety feature, the new trucks are equipped with green lights that can be seen from a greater distance during winter maintenance. Pick-up trucks used for winter maintenance are also being equipped with the green lights.”

Road Commissioner Andrea LaLonde noted the agency is prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings during the winter, though a milder winter is always appreciated. “Winter maintenance is one of our most critical functions,” she said. “While we are ready for a worse-than-normal winter, we would welcome a mild season.”

Jamian noted the agency continues to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “Our staff continues to follow the COVID-19 protocols, including social distancing, wearing masks when appropriate and frequent hand washing,” he explained. “However, they are essential workers who must stay on the job to keep the roads safe for the rest of us.”

The RCOC team is also constantly looking for best practices when it comes to maintaining roads during the winter months, such as the “wing plows” ordered with new trucks in recent years, the chairman pointed out. “The wing plows extend from the right side of the truck and are retracted when not in use,” Jamian said.

“They can expand the width of roadway a single truck can plow, enabling trucks to plow a roadway lane and the shoulder at the same time, for example. Equipping many of our trucks with wing plows improves their efficiency,” he noted. 

In recent years, RCOC has also implemented a rapid-response plan that includes light-duty trucks to more quickly get to isolated icing occurrences and other urgent situations as well as to more quickly get into subdivisions and clear crossovers/turnarounds on boulevards. Additionally, during or following heavy snow events, RCOC uses non-road-maintenance staff to augment its pool of drivers and hires contractors to help on back roads and in subdivisions.

Despite the addition of the part-time, temporary employees and the rapid-response plan, Jamian explained that motorists must still be vigilant when driving during or immediately after snow events. “Drive for the conditions. That will make a safer environment for everyone on the road,” he explained. He also reminded motorists not to crowd the plow and give the plows “room to groom.”  

Jamian also added that while RCOC has so far successfully managed the COVID-19 situation, there is always the risk that the pandemic could impact the number of available drivers. “We are working hard to ensure this doesn’t happen,” he said, “and we are developing contingency plans should it occur, but there is the risk that there could be times when the pandemic affects our level of service.”

Visit the Job Openings Page to apply to be a part-time snowplow driver and to peruse other job openings with the Road Commission.

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