St. Patrick’s Day Drinking and Driving Warning

Oakland County Sherriff Michael J. Bouchard Warns Against Drinking and Driving on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a social occasion where alcohol is served generously. All too often, people drive after they have too much to drink. Sheriff Bouchard reminds us that the rate of alcohol-impaired drivers increases around St. Patrick’s Day, and wants the public to know that the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is increasing their patrols and looking for individuals who may be drinking and driving. Individuals wishing to enjoy the holiday would be wise not to drink and drive. The Sheriff’s Alcohol Enforcement Unit, Traffic Unit, and other patrol deputies will be out in force.

Oakland County Sheriff Car

Oakland County Sheriff Car

“St. Patrick’s Day is a festive time, but too much ‘celebrating’ causes problems,” said Sheriff Bouchard. And, Sheriff Bouchard knows first hand, having as a younger officer personally policed a triple fatality accident on St. Patrick’s Day. “It is crucial that individuals know their personal limitations and realize that while alcohol consumption is their own decision, once they get behind the wheel, it becomes a public matter. Our patrol units as well as alcohol enforcement team will be out in force to keep the streets safe.”

Also, Sheriff Bouchard wants to remind drivers to exercise extreme caution when traveling. Do you know how to recognize the signs of a drunk driver and what precautions to take to minimize the likelihood of becoming a victim of an alcohol-related accident?

Warning Signs of an Intoxicated Driver

Driver traveling 10mph below the posted speed limit

♦ Driver suddenly stops for no apparent reason

♦ Traveling too closely to other vehicles

♦ Braking erratically

♦ Inconsistent use of turn signals

♦ Driving without turning headlights on

♦ Drifting in a straight line at a slight angle to the roadway

How to Protect Yourself

Call 911 and report the driver: take note of the driver’s exact location, be prepared to give an accurate description of the car including make, model, color and most importantly their license plate number.

♦ Always wear your seatbelt.

♦ If you spot a driver you suspect has been drinking, do not follow the vehicle closely in case they make sudden stops.

♦ In an attempt to keep sight of the driver, do not disregard any traffic signals.

♦ Don’t get so involved with what the drunk driver is doing that it causes you to compromise your own safety.

♦ If the driver stops, do not attempt to detain him/her.


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