Stan Surratt Fires Back in Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Last week, the good citizens of Rochester were awakened by a phone call.   Baton Rouge, Louisiana calling, with an unidentified  political RoboCall alleging, I, and a “dozen local…political…fat-cats”, went on a “luxury junket” to Chicago in 2009…”Kwame Kilpatrick style”.  

These negative RoboCalls were filled with half-truths, innuendo, and out-right fabrication regarding a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) approved and budgeted trip to Chicago for the 2009 National Main Street Conference.   The Rochester City  Council’s actions then, are similar to what’s going on with the OPC’s budget now.  That is, create an issue, where none exists.

Eight people from the DDA and the City attended this Chicago Conference.  In attendance from the DDA:  Cathy Daldin, Mary Wilson, Hillary Heacock, Nancy Voges, Kristi Trevarrow and Stan Surratt.  In attendance from the City:  Jaymes Vettraino and Kim Russell (who paid her own expenses).   The total budget for 8 people for 4 days in Chicago was $11,600.00, which paid event registration, class fees, hotel room and $25.00  daily/person for food.   Five (5) of the 8, myself included,  were volunteers and received no salary or personal compensation for spending their own time and money to attend a conference to benefit the City of Rochester.    

What does all this negativity mean to Rochester?   In my humble opinion, it means the citizens of Rochester are being bamboozled by the illusion of transparency…and we are in serious trouble.   I challenge you to evaluate what is really going on in Rochester.  Vote on November 8 or by Absentee Ballot.  

Stan Surratt

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