State Rep. Michael Webber Announces Essay Contest for Rochester-Area High School Students

State Rep. Michael Webber announced today via press release that he is holding an essay contest for area high-school students about the community service projects they have been working on and how it has impacted the Rochester area. The winners will be able to spend the day shadowing Rep. Webber at the Capitol in Lansing.

“I am very proud to have grown up in and to be a part of our great community,” said Rep. Webber, R-Rochester Hills. “Everyone can contribute to our community– whether they run an organization like the OPC, participate in the Rotary Club or the Jaycees, coach their child’s soccer team, serve on the PTA, or volunteer at their church. Those efforts are as important as anything an elected official can do in office.

“We have a role to play to make our community, region, and state great and as a strong believer in service to the community I know that is instilled at a young age.”

The competition is open to all high-school students in the Rochester area. Students who wish to enter can submit an essay of 300 words or less that talks about their community service efforts.

Submissions should be sent with the subject line “Community Service Essay” to Rep. Webber’s email at by Friday, May 22.

“There are so many talented and hardworking students in the district who do a great job giving back to the community,” said Rep. Webber. “This is an opportunity for students to be recognized for their efforts and see what is being done for the community at the state level.”

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