Stolen golf clubs; drunk driving and more

Stolen golf clubs from storage unit

On Sunday, March 30, a resident told police someone had stolen golf clubs from their local storage unit. The last time the owner notice the clubs was earlier in the month. Officers are currently investigating the possibility of burglary but there are no suspects at this time.

Missing GPS and phone charger leads owner to believe it was theft

Also on Sunday, March 30, Rochester Police officers responded to a complaint of theft from a car. The Parkdale resident said their vehicle was locked overnight, but found their cell phone charger and GPS unit were missing. There were no signs of forced entry and the incident is currently under investigation, according to the report.

Bar fight lands resident in hospital

On Saturday, March 29, Rochester Police were called to Crittenton Hospital Medical Center on reports of an assault. The man being cared for at Crittenton filed a report detailing an assault from another guest at a local bar earlier in the evening. According to the report, the man was physically assaulted without being provoked and suffered an injured nose. The batterer took off on foot and further details of the investigation are not yet known.

Drunk driving earns driver a stay in Rochester Lock Up

Also on Saturday, March 29, Rochester Police officers noticed a car driving carelessly around 3 a.m., according to reports. After speaking with the 24-year-old Shelby Township driver, officers decided to perform field sobriety tests, which later landed the driver a stay in Rochester Lock Up. The driver was released when sober.


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