Stolen landscape equipment while workers mow nearby…and more in this week’s Crime Files

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Here are some of the most recent crime reports from the Rochester Hills Police Department.

Two flat tires and no suspects

On Monday, June 17, Rochester Hills Police investigated a report of two punctured car tires at a Rockhaven Ave. home. The resident noted she parked her minivan in front of her home the night prior to the report, only to find two flat tires the following morning. When re-inflated, the tires went flat within minutes so that is how she discovered the puncture marks. The resident has not experienced trouble with neighbors and there are no suspects at this time.

Fireworks destroy Rochester Hills resident’s mailbox

Also on Monday, Rochester Hills officers visited a Weaverton home regarding a damaged mailbox from fireworks. The resident heard what he described as a loud boom around 1:30 a.m. the night prior but assumed it was someone setting off fireworks nearby. It was later discovered that the fireworks had in fact damaged his mailbox. Fireworks debris was found inside his mailbox, prompting him to call police and make a report. While the resident believes it may have been juveniles in the area who set off the fireworks in his mailbox, there are no suspects at this time. Total damage is estimated at $50.

Items stolen from truck bed overnight

Also on Monday, officers met with a Dartmouth Drive resident on reports of stolen work items from a truck. The resident parked his truck in front of his home the night prior to the report, mentioning his cooler, boots, jacket and bungee straps in the truck bed were not secure, as there was no lock for the back of the truck. The following morning, all items were missing. There is no video surveillance or witnesses available and no suspects at this time.

Missing tunes

On Friday, June 14, Rochester Hills Police investigated a report of stolen CDs from a Snowmass Drive resident’s car. The resident reported parking her car in the driveway but it is not known if the car was locked. Ten homemade CDs were missing when she noticed her car was unlocked with the glove box open the following morning. There was no damage to the car and other items in the backseat were not taken. There are no suspects at this time.

Unlocked mountain bikes taken from condo complex

On Thursday, June 13 a Mapleview Court resident reported her two mountain bikes were stolen from her condo complex. The two bikes have been parked on the side of her condo for a while but were not locked. She noticed the bikes were missing within the last week. A description of the bikes was given to officers as well as accompanying serial numbers. One bike is royal blue, Magnum brand with crooked handlebars. The other bike is an Unk brand and is dark blue. Both bikes cost roughly $100. There are no suspects at this time.

Landscaper’s equipment taken while working

On Tuesday, June 11, it was reported that a lawn blower and edger were taken from a landscape trailer while his workers were mowing nearby on Rochester Road. The man who filed the report witnessed a Chrysler car pull near the trailer and the driver got out, grabbed the blower and edger from the open trailer then fled the scene, according to reports. The suspect is a darker skinned male and the car license plate was not seen. There is no further information at this time.

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