Stoney Creek High School Wins the Sparty Award

The grueling work hours at Stoney Creek High School paid off for the 2009-2010 SCHS “Cougar Tales” Yearbook class in the form of a Spartan Award this year. Winning a Spartan (nicknamed the “Sparty”) is the highest award a student journalism piece from Michigan can earn. The yearbook had to earn at least 900 out of a possible 1,000 points during the judging.  Every section of the yearbook is scrutinized when being considered for this award, so the glory was shared by each member of the yearbook’s staff. “Winning [the Sparty] was such an accomplishment for our staff and our school. It was our very first one and we were so excited about winning it,” yearbook staff member Anna Tori said.

Creating a yearbook is more difficult than it is often played out to be, as can be seen if one pokes their head into the ‘yearbook room.’ Many days, staff members are working long after most students have left the building. I’ve personally stayed several hours after school to complete an assignment to the best of my ability. Even during the school day, yearbook members are scurrying around Stoney, cameras slung around their necks and press passes in their pockets. “We go to sporting events, dances, blood drives, assemblies, anything Stoney Creek related and document it all, because the ultimate goal is to make a great book that you can keep forever,” yearbook staff member Jacquie Pollice said.

The 2009-2010 yearbook is special in its own right, from the three-dimensional cover to the unique events found inside. Hopefully this year will be another winning year for the school, the sports teams, and now the Stoney Creek High School yearbook.

Stoney Creek High School Student Reporter,

Shannon Moyer