Students Learn More About Careers at Rochester High School

The words, “Do what you love”, “go above and beyond,” “become a lifelong learner” and “plan to work hard,” all came up in the presentations and conversations eleven guest speakers had with over 1000 students at Rochester High School on November 9th.

“This is the second Careers Day that we have organized at RHS.” Mrs. Malsbury said. The annual occurrence of Careers Day started last year when Mrs. Malsbury decided that it was time to give the RHS student population the opportunity to listen and meet people that have the same career aspirations that they may have and to shed some light on what is possible.

It’s the 2nd year that Dr. Carmona from North Hill Vets, Mr. Brian Carl, a Technical Project Manager at EEI Global, Christopher Demeniuk, an Engineer at Ford Motor Company and Executive Chef Jim Oppat from The Muer Company have been involved in the RHS Career Day. Mrs. Russell’s Foods classes had the opportunity to sample pastries brought in by Chef Oppat, Executive Chef for The Muer Company.

This year we welcomed on board, Marty Winiarski, President / CEO of Sterling Van Dyke Credit Union who spoke with our Accounting classes. Ms. Therese Marie, Career Coach and the author of “Yes! You Can Land a Job Even in a Crummy Economy,” who talked with Mrs. Gambaro’s Foundations of Business Class. Mr. Zack Hayes, FAMS Design and Embroidery, small business owner who helped students in Marketing learn promotional techniques in a small community. RHS Alumni (1996) and retired Army Officer, Mr. Dominic Mirabella, Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, worked alongside Sargent Seth Charlton from Army Recruitment and explained the many career options in the military and in the finance field to Mrs. Reckling’s math students. John Smyntec joined our Journalism classes to discuss his career with the Detroit Free Press. Sandy Fiaschetti, an Organizational Psychologist, talked with Mr. Adams’ AP Psychology students about how psychologists can work in business.

We thank all these participants for showing our students their knowledge, passion and experience in their career. We look forward to the third annual Career Day next year! If you are interested in participating please e-mail

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