Tackling your treadmill

I’m finally an owner of a treadmill for the first time in my life. I’m actually writing this article as the belt zips under my feet. The cold reality that my extra post-pregnancy pounds won’t simply vanish has finally sunk in. Harsh temperatures that brought my long stroller walks with my toddler to a halt. The bank account notes that I can’t afford a Lifetime Fitness membership. So, thanks to finding the cheapest treadmill around, I’m done with excuses.

This new feeling is kind of scary. It’s a bit frightening not having any good explanation for why I have to keep finding new clothes to disguise my ever-growing muffin top. It’s not that I have a distorted view of my body, or an unrealistic goal. No, I just want to fit into the clothes I already own.

Woman on a mission: Heidi and her treadmill.

Woman on a mission: Heidi and her treadmill.

And for the past several years, I’ve consistently weighed about ten pounds lighter than I am now. I’ve blamed this extra “padding” on having children, enjoying food, or being busy. But the truth is that even though I’m barely ever sitting down, I’m still not getting my heart rate up enough to burn off what I’m putting in. And unless I change something fast, this little chub is staying put.

It mentally clicked for me on December 1. Investing in a treadmill was not on my radar until I flipped the calendar. The light bulb went off, and I knew that was it. I had to start running, and this was the best option for me. I don’t love running. Maybe “hate” is too strong of a word, but running is tough. I’ve been a runner in the past, but only for about 15 months out of my 32 years on this earth. And that was years ago.

What I do love is multitasking, and so, being able to work out and write, or read, makes me feel like it is time well spent. The first run on my new treadmill was not pretty, but it was productive. The first mile was difficult, but the second mile, and embarrassingly the last one, was a little less agonizing. Just watching the numbers turn on the display was even a victory, and feeling accomplished is something no one hates.

Losing weight isn’t what all people struggle with. It could be having a quick temper, or fear over the future.  It could be finances or a lifelong battle with insecurity. Whatever that “thing” is, the thing that is nagging your soul, insist now to take it captive. Ponder it, and then dissect it carefully and wisely. Plan what you need to do to harness that “thing”—to transform it to no longer chain your joy. Make a fresh attempt to quiet those thoughts and invest in your own life. It is never easy to change, but it’s never too late.

I know there are many boring runs in my basement ahead before I ever will see results. The thing with hard work is when you know you are making progress, you often become exponentially motivated to reach your goal. What we do everyday, the perseverance built by daily determination, in the long run is one of life’s greatest prizes. Seeing the finish line is only half the reward. Getting to the starting line itself, the strain of each step, that is what will change who you are to the marrow of your bones.

Embrace your challenge. Don’t wait until New Year’s when you can tackle your hurdles today. Get on that treadmill that’s beckoning you, finish that half-painted wall, start a new hobby, or seek out a mentor. Ask for help, find support, and conquer your fight, starting now!


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