REVIEW: Avon Players’ ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ Inspires and Enthralls on an Epic Scale

At first blush, The Hunchback of Notre Dame seems like an odd choice for a holiday play. Especially when you consider past Avon productions such as A Christmas Story, Forever Christmas, and Miracle on 34th Street have much more overt seasonal messages. However, as the story unfolds it becomes clear that this play is absolutely perfect for this time of year with its message about kindness, love, and the need for refuge in an all too chaotic world. And if that’s not enough to sway you, then … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Enjoy a DysFUNctional Evening with the Avon Players’ ‘A Christmas Story’

‘Tis the season for holiday favorites. Many are familiar with, and love the movie A Christmas Story. But did you know when the film was released in 1983, it didn’t make much of a splash? However, over the years, gathering the family around the television to cheer on Ralphie as he schemes and dreams for a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle with a compass in the stock and a sundial, has become as highly anticipated as a visit from Santa Claus. This weekend, Avon Players joined … [Read more...]

Relive the Magic of Childhood Holidays with Avon Players’ “A Christmas Story”

The Whole Family will be Rooting for Ralphie in Pursuit of his Dream Gift For many, the characters are as familiar as old friends at an annual reunion, and the exploits of the Parker clan are as vivid as an oft-told family legend. This holiday season, laugh along with your own near and dear as your favorite moments come to life on Avon Players’ stage:  the double dog dare that goes awry, the unfortunate pajamas, and the presence of a very distinctive lamp are just some of the reasons why … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Avon Players Christens Their 2017-2018 Season with ‘Titanic: The Musical’

Over a hundred years after the RMS Titanic’s fateful voyage, its story still resonates with audiences. Wait a minute. Arguably the worst maritime disaster in history … as a musical? Yes. But if you’re expecting something overly sentimental, or along the lines of the 1997 movie, you’ll be disappointed. And that’s a good thing. Instead this play focuses more on the human experience of its passengers through two attitudes: hubris and hope. Hubris rears its ugly head early on in the form … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do We Need More Gun Control?

Dear Crabby, It seems like every time I turn on the news there’s another shooting. Do you think more gun control in this country is needed? Thanks, Peter Paz Dear Mr. Paz, You certainly ask a loaded question (pun intended) and I wish I had an easy answer. Let me first start by saying I grew up with guns. My dad, uncles, and grandpas all hunted and we kids relished the day when we were old enough to join them. It was a rite of passage for us. That being said, much like that kid … [Read more...]

A Christmas Story in July

A Christmas Story in July By Michael Dwyer A Christmas Story The movie, A Christmas Story, is a cult classic. Viewed repeatedly in December just before Christmas, many people have come to make it part of their holiday tradition. “You’ll shoot your eye out!” is a popular phrase from the movie, as Ralphie, plans and plots ways to get what he wants for Christmas, a Red Ryder BB gun. In Cleveland is the A Christmas Story House & Museum. It is the actual house used in the 1983 movie – … [Read more...]