Muslim Community to Collect and Donate Water to Flint until Crisis Ends

Detroit Chapter of largest Muslim community teams up with Humanity First charity   Recently, President Obama declared a federal state of emergency in Flint, Michigan due to the high lead levels in the water.  As a result, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Detroit will utilize their mosque at 1730 W. Auburn Rd. as a drop off donation center for the Flint Water Crisis. The community will team up with internationally recognized charity Humanity First to drop off water donations to Flint on a … [Read more...]

Stop The CrISIS: What is the Pathway to Peace?

Metro Detroit Muslims mourn the loss of victims of Paris Attack & discuss solutions to violent extremism             The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Metro Detroit is hosting the 2nd Annual ‘What is the Pathway to Peace?’ symposium on Thursday, November 19 from 7 – 9 p.m. at Henry Ford College in Dearborn. The event will bring Muslim and Arab members of the Metro Detroit area together to discuss what solutions are available to the growing cancer that is ISIS Ideology. It will also … [Read more...]

Muslims Celebrate Ramadhan and Independence Day

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Metro Detroit will be conducting a number of programs during Ramadhan to promote patriotism, community service, spirituality, and fellowship.  The Holy Month of Ramadhan is a spiritual month for over a billion Muslims around the world who are encouraged to show appreciation and remembrance to their Lord and offer sacrifices for the good of mankind. In this spirit, The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Metro Detroit will conduct the following programs while … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor – Happy Holidays

Dear Editor Rochester Media, I am a Muslim and I love the holidays. I love the lights, I love the colors, I love the Christmas trees. But most of all, I love seeing the joy and happiness on the faces of my Christian brothers and sisters as they celebrate Christmas. The Qur'an teaches us, as Muslims, to honor Jesus of Nazareth, as well as his mother Mary. So on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Metro Detroit located in Rochester Hills, I wish for this shared reverence to be a … [Read more...]