Avon Road Bridge Continues to Deteriorate at an Advanced Rate

Last week the Road Commission for Oakland County issued a warning that the Avon Road Bridge near the intersection of Livernois and Avon was deteriorating more than originally estimated and that another lane closure would be necessary.  However in this week's City Council meeting the Rochester Hills Director of Public Services, Paul Davis, mentioned that the bridge was failing at an "advanced deteriorating rate."  The Road Commission was forced to make the difficult decision to reduce the bridge … [Read more...]

Avon Road Bridge To Have More Lanes Closed

Beverly Hills, Mich. — The Road Commission for Oakland County, in the near future, will permanently close additional lanes on the Avon Road bridge over the Clinton River just east of Livernois in Rochester Hills. The amount of weight that can legally be carried over the bridge will also be reduced. The changes are necessary due to the deteriorating condition of the bridge. The increased weight restrictions will take effect tomorrow, Feb. 3. The additional lanes will be closed as soon as … [Read more...]


The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) has been officially notified that funding has been awarded to pay for the replacement of two of the worst-condition bridges on the county road system: the 13 Mile Road bridge over the Rouge River in Bingham Farms and the Avon Road bridge over the Clinton River in Rochester Hills. Both bridges were approved for funding through the Local Bridge Program, which is operated by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and includes a combination … [Read more...]

State Senate Primary Recap

With the State Senate primary behind us, I wanted to offer my thoughts on what the election meant to the Rochester area going forward. As you know, Rochester's own Senator Mike Bishop will be term limited out of office at the end of this year. What that means for our area is that we are losing a strong advocate in Lansing. Senator Bishop has worked tirelessly to promote the Rochester area and get the needed funding from the claws of state government for projects important to our area. By now … [Read more...]