Dear Crabby, What does ‘Back to School’ Mean for you?

Dear Crabby, What does 'Back to School' Mean for you? Sincerely, G.R. Little   Hello G.R. Well, back to school means more traffic around town. Not just near the schools, but everywhere - cars cutting through subdivisions, filling all the surface roads, and making rush hour start earlier and end later. It means less time with the grandkids - I'm 50/50 on that one. But I'll have to go (I mean I get to go) to their sports games, school plays, and dance nights. So busy these kids are … [Read more...]

Back to School in Rochester Hills

Rochester Hills Mayor’s Video Log Entry Hi, I’m Bryan Barnett, Mayor of the City of Rochester Hills, and as always thanks for watching. Well we’ve had a lot of fun, summer broadcasts this year, but as the seasons turn, today we bring you a very important message.   As you can see from the activity behind me school is back in session, and here in the City of Rochester Hills, that means lots of things. It means that you’ll see these big, yellow buses around town, you’ll see moms and … [Read more...]

Neighborhood House Seeks Donations of School Supplies

It may seem hard to believe, but it’s time to start thinking about kids going back-to-school. That’s why Rochester Area Neighborhood House is hoping local residents and businesses will be willing to assist with a worthwhile back-to-school initiative. Neighborhood House, a private, nonprofit human service organization, is kicking off its annual school supply drive to support the children of low-income families in the greater Rochester/Auburn Hills community. Neighborhood House strives to make … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Editorial from Mayor Barnett

The following is a back-to-school editorial from Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan K. Barnett. Back to School is an exciting time for kids and parents all around the country and here in Rochester Hills that excitement is tangible. Facebook is full of pictures of front doors, smiling faces, and cute new outfits. The roads are a bit more congested with the addition of big yellow buses and alarm clocks have been put back into use after taking a summer off. Yes, it’s back to school time in our … [Read more...]

…by the numbers

If you're getting ready to hit the stores for some back-to-school shoe shopping, be sure to check out our info graphic chocked full of helpful (and healthy!) tips from the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association on buying the best shoes for your child. Click here to see full info graphic.     … [Read more...]

Welcome to my summer house

I have coined my own term to define the status of organized living, or lack thereof that we currently have around our home. It's simply called, “summer house." Summer house means grass and dirt chunks endlessly seem to gather on the floor. Summer house means that unfinished art projects linger in various locations and piles of shoes create little mountains by each door. Summer house means that all the daily cleaning I generally get to while the kids are at school gets half done, making it … [Read more...]

10 Real Food Snacks for the School Year

Planning snacks for our children is often the last thing we think about during the back to school rush, but having a healthy snack plan will help your children power through their day and year.  But what is a healthy snack?  Every snack package screams at you from the shelf claiming their product is healthiest. But when Fruit Loops, with 44% of its calories coming from sugar, are allowed to call themselves a “Smart Choice,” it is time to reconsider these snacks and take back your snack … [Read more...]

Back To School Rochester High Falcons

For some, summer is a time to escape from stressful situations and simply relax. For others, summer is jam-packed with vacation after vacation or long work hours. Whatever the case, it may be tough for people to stay updated with the latest news. But for the Falcons of Rochester High School, there is a way to stay plugged in: "The Community Edge" by Rochester Media. This online newspaper will provide intriguing, exclusive, and informative news for those who wish to find out about the latest … [Read more...]

Stoney Creek High School News

As long, hang-out nights with friends evolve into long study nights with textbooks, it can be difficult to keep up with everything going on at Stoney Creek High School. Well, Cougars, there’s a way to keep up on your studies, social lives, and school news--it’s Rochester Media. Interesting and informative news will be coming to you through this online newspaper, with news just about Stoney coming from student Shannon Moyer. Fresh news is there just for SCHS students, so that you can stay on top … [Read more...]