The Top 10 Reasons I Tolerate Winter

That title sure starts us off on a cheery route, doesn’t it? It’s been a rough winter. The crazy low temperatures, huge amounts of snow, and cancelled school have caused so many problems for everyone. It takes twice as long for us to leave the house, which means we’re twice as late as we normally are. Putting a snowsuit on the baby is like putting pantyhose on an octopus. Plus, my snow blower broke two snows ago. Complaining about this winter just isn’t an option for me. My attitude effects my … [Read more...]

Three Tips to Fall Resolutions

The leaves in our neighborhood are on the verge of changing while some have already begun to hit amazing shades of red, yellow and orange. This is a signal that kids are now lugging backpacks and full lunch boxes to school. We all find ourselves returning to a level of normality that we haven’t seen for months; and for this very reason, I see it as a perfect time to set the course that you want to be on for the next year. Here is my take: Skip New Year's resolutions - this is the time to … [Read more...]

Bean and Leaf Cafe

Bean and Leaf Cafe Phone: 248-586-9602 Location: 106 S Main Street Royal Oak, MI 48962 Hours: Monday- Saturday 7am-11pm Sunday 8am- 10pm Free Wifi for customers … [Read more...]