Dear Crabby, Are Bees Our Friends or Foes?

Dear Crabby, The only thing more annoying than construction in the summertime is all the bees! I’ve always loathed those pesky things and yet they seem to be everywhere. And I’m not just talking physically everywhere, but also in the news and on social media. Recently there was even a National Honeybee Day. So, my question is when did bees become so popular and why should I care? Thanks! Bea Pollen Dear Bea Pollen, To bee quite honest (get it?) the only bee I care for is the one … [Read more...]

Beekeeping for Beginners

Oakland University (OU) to Hold Workshop About the Basics of Beekeeping Bees play an integral role in our planet's production of food, which makes their survival as a species closely tied to our own, explains Brian Peterson of Bees in the D. "It is believed that one third of all food that we consume each day relies on pollination by bees," says Peterson. For this reason, he says, "It is important that we understand these amazing creatures. As you gain a greater understanding you will be … [Read more...]