Milo Prentice Newberry House Listed on National Register

Rochester House is Listed on National Register of Historic Places Michigan’s newest listing in the prestigious National Register of Historic Places is the Milo Prentice Newberry House in Rochester. The 1863 Italianate-Victorian farmhouse on Bloomer Road was listed in the National Register on October 9, after a yearlong process of application and review by state and federal officials.  Milo Prentice Newberry was part of one of the Rochester area’s pioneer families. He was born in New York … [Read more...]

Bloomer Road Construction Starts Monday

Bloomer Road will be under construction beginning Monday, July 9, and concluding on Wednesday, July 11. The City of Rochester will be conducting construction activities on Bloomer Road between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Bloomer Road will be closed to through traffic from Bloomer Ridge Road headed north (down the hill) to 705 Bloomer Road. There will be local access availability only. For questions, please call the City of Rochester DPW at 248-651-5165. … [Read more...]