Another Successful Writers’ Conference at OU

Eighth Annual Conference Rochester Writers hosted its eighth annual event at Oakland University on Saturday. Nearly ninety people were in attendance taking up several rooms in the Oakland Center on campus. The all-day event began in 2008 as a way to bring authors and writers together for networking and professional development. The Presentations As usual, the conference had several workshops, lectures, and discussions going on simultaneously for attendees to select presentations that best … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Rochester Hills Mayoral Race

Let’s Keep a Good Thing Going? Sure -- For The Term Limited Mayor! With a cushy job making over $100k, complete with car, generous travel expense account for his frequent trips to Washington DC, (and Saudi Arabia?) and unlimited taxpayer funded video productions for numerous vlog entries, no wonder Bryan Barnett still wants to be mayor. For the past 9 years, Barnett has had it pretty good while the rest of our residents fought to keep jobs, took huge concessions with their pay as well as … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Let’s Keep a Good Thing Going!

Letter to the Editor, I have been a resident since 1984 when we were still Avon Township. This is the best place to live! Mayor Barnett has been proactive about keeping our city safe, property values stable and tax base low. We have great schools, parks and bike/walking trails.  It only makes sense to keep things going. He knows and loves our city. He has contacts and good relationships with the adjoining cities and especially with Oakland County. Both Rochester Hills and Oakland County have … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Ravi Respects Rochester Hills and its Residents

As November 3rd approaches and the all-important election for Mayor of Rochester Hills nears, I reflect on the campaign and see the contrasts between the candidates. One side continues to try to trick the public by using false negative tactics of providing disinformation and tries to justify not following the intent of the city charter that calls for only two elected terms. Bryan Barnett wants to keep his “good old boy system” in place. This system has been in effect too long, and it does not … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Best is Yet to Come Under Yalamanchi Leadership

To Whom It May Concern: As a long time Rochester Hills Resident, business owner and involved in many community organizations, I find it disconcerting that the current Barnett administration insults the intelligence of Rochester Hills residents by cheap gimmicks and mockery of our City Charter. Historically, terms limits have been abided by every Mayor that has held office since 1984. Bryan Barnett has served nearly 10 years in office as Mayor (2 years of the previous Mayor) and 6 years on … [Read more...]

Candidates for Rochester Hills Mayoral Race with VIDEO

Rochester Media and The Community Edge had a chance to capture video of all three candidates running for mayor of Rochester Hills. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. While there will be only two names on the ballot that day, there are three full bids for the seat. Jim Stevens and Ravi Yalamanchi are on the ballot and Mayor Bryan Barnett is running as a Write-In candidate. Each video is about three minutes, please take a few moments to hear from all three candidates. First up is Jim Stevens, … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills State of the City 2015 with VIDEO

Video Courtesy of Rochester Hills TV and the City of Rochester Hills Rochester Hills Mayor, Bryan Barnett, gave the State of the City Wednesday evening to full house at the Emagine Theater in Rochester Hills. The Mayor and his Team work to bring a new and exciting production each year. This year's address was built around the idea of presenting it as a late night talk show, the Jimmy Fallon show to be exact. With the local band, Hot Sauce, providing the tunes of a house band on one … [Read more...]

Mayor Barnett Announces Run for Congress with VIDEO

(Watch the full announcement video at the end of the article) Team Barnett Announcement Mayor Bryan Barnett and his team sent a message to friends, family and supporters earlier this week. “It has been my honor and privilege to serve as Mayor of Rochester Hills, and this April I will celebrate 8 years representing the residents and businesses of this community. During this time, Rochester Hills has become one of the most successful and recognized cities in Oakland County, and a leader in … [Read more...]

Congressman Mike Rogers will not run again, could Mayor Bryan Barnett replace him?

The Oakland Press reported this week that U.S. Representative Mike Rogers will not run for reelection this year. There is now a Facebook page and a lot of excited people in Rochester Hills talking about our own Mayor Bryan Barnett running for Congress! The Oakland Press said, "Rogers’ decision not to seek another term now raises the question about his own political future — he isn’t ruling out a return to national politics — and the question about who his successor in Congress might be. With … [Read more...]

A tale of 2 cities’ taxes

Rochester and Rochester Hills are two cities with plenty to brag about. But how to differentiate the two to prospective home-buyers? Printed material that surfaced during a millage campaign last year, which compared tax rates among the two cities, rubbed some in Rochester the wrong way. At the request of city council, Rochester’s administration recently took a look at the cost to homeowners of “essential” city services. In a straight tax-rate comparison, Rochester Hills has traditionally … [Read more...]