Hostelling for the Not-So-Young

Maybe your friend is in Australia right now? Perhaps your daughter is backpacking Europe this summer before she starts college? Or, maybe your parents are driving the western states coastline? Chances are, hostels may be one their accommodation choices and it doesn't matter what their age is ... Hostelling for the Not-So-Young (part one) Running around the world with a backpack, jumping on trains and buses, and sleeping in hostels may seem like an adventure for college students on summer … [Read more...]

Budget Travel to Europe

Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Budget Travel to Europe From the basics of planning and going to making the most of your holiday. How many will be traveling? Millions of Americans travel to Europe each year with the peak season being summer. Start planning your trip now to get the most from it. Budget, of course, is an important concern and with a few tips and tricks, almost anyone can afford a vacation to Europe. One of the first items to check off your pre-travel list is determine … [Read more...]