Should You Pay a Cover Charge?

Why Pay a Cover Charge? I hate paying cover charges. I never understood why people would wait in a line, in all kinds of weather, to pay $5, $10, or even $20 for the privilege to walk through the door. And then, to only have to wait your turn at the bar for the honor to purchase overpriced drinks. This scenario happens all over the planet. However, when it takes place right here in Southeast Michigan is when it bothers me the most. It is usually the trendy bars – the hip new places in town … [Read more...]

Family Fun Awaits in Saint Lucia

Does this sound nice? Cool drink in your hand, toes in the warm sand, fun in the sun. That scenario appeals to many people. The thought of lying on the beach listening to the waves gently crash, as the smell of salt water drifts towards you, really does put you in a peaceful state. While vacations can be about culture, history and activities, sometimes we all need to unwind, slow down, and relax – at least for part of the trip. The Coconut Bay Resort & Spa in the Windward Islands of … [Read more...]

Visit the U.S. Virgin Islands this Winter

Get Ready to Go! Pack your camera, sunglasses, sunscreen (and that new bathing suit you bought in the spring that you did not use enough of this summer) and be ready for hot sun, warm water and cool drinks. Daily non-stop flights are available from Detroit. You’ll land on St. Croix or St. Thomas, the two bigger islands, and claim your bags. No immigration and no customs to go through, but you will have to prove you’re American when you leave. So take your passport or birth certificate and … [Read more...]

Pirates and Ghosts of the Caribbean

The Spooky Bahamas Pirates used Fort Fincastle in Nassau and claims of torture haunt the entire site. Legendary pirate, Captain Blackbeard, is said to have used it as a torture chamber. The small chamber at the fort is extremely eerie and most folks can only stay in there a few seconds. “Sometimes when you walk in there, you are overcome with a feeling that you just want to turn around, and walk right back out” one visitor to the site said. Captain Blackbeard’s ghost is said to haunt Old … [Read more...]