Looking for the best music teacher in Rochester Hills

Here are two of the best options in Rochester Hills, Michigan for music teachers. Corrin Barnett has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Rochester College and has been teaching voice and piano lessons for over 20 years. Recitals at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester. Call or email today for a free consultation. 248-853-6160 or info@corrinbarnett.com       www.corrinbarnett.com Lozier Music was founded in 2003. After rapid growth in 2007, founder Carrie Lozier started plans to expand into a … [Read more...]

Lozier Music Grand Opening

Lozier Music has officially opened in its new location at 2118 W Auburn Rd. The studio, which specializes in the Simply Music method, offers Family Music, Playful Piano for preschoolers and violin and guitar lessons. Carrie Lozier, an accomplished pianist who holds 14 years of professional teaching experience, is the studio’s founder. The studio employees 4 teachers and 2 office staff. Lozier Music provides a family environment for playing-based, group instruction with a focus on creating … [Read more...]

Play Piano with the Australian breakthrough Simply Music method

You make time to spend with friends and family. You enjoy a rewarding job; good health and exercise; travel, what else can add to the quality of your life? If you haven’t joined those who regularly express themselves musically, you are missing serious fun. Studies show people who play piano regularly consider it one of the top six or seven things that contribute to their quality of life, right up there with their personal relationships, financial well-being, professional lives, health, and … [Read more...]