Science Fiction Authors to Invade Rochester Hills Public Library

Invading the Rochester Hills Public Library is a host of science fiction books. In order to keep the public up-to-date on the newest titles, the Rochester Hills Public Library invited two science fiction authors from the Metro Detroit area to discuss their published works and upcoming titles. On Thursday, January 12, author Travis Thompson will be talking about his newest book, The Tournament, the second book in the Tournament of the Worlds series. After each region of the world has had … [Read more...]

Catalyst 2010 – The Tension is Good

 Last week I had the honor of attending Catalyst 2010 in Atlanta.  What started out in 2000 as a conference attended by 1,500 church leaders in Atlanta, has since grown to an event attended by over 100,000 people.  Most recently, a second conference was added to the West Coast with 3,000 leaders attending.  I had heard about it through friends from Kensington Community Church but couldn't really grasp the magnitude until I was there in person.   At its core, Catalyst doesn't differ much in … [Read more...]