Dear Crabby, Should I Send Out Christmas Cards This Year?

Dear Crabby, After Thanksgiving, I always like to put up my Christmas decorations and send out my Christmas cards. But I’m wondering if I should even bother sending out any cards this year. What do you think? Thanks, Susan Greetings Dear Susan Greetings, You are not the first person who I’ve heard wondering if they should bother with Christmas cards this holiday season. My daughter usually does a fancy photoshoot to put on her card and then types a letter detailing in minute … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why Stress About Christmas Cards?

Dear Crabby, Why all the stress about Christmas cards?  Every year, my mom stresses over finding just the right outfits for my siblings and me and then takes a gazillion pictures till she gets just the right one for a card. It drives me crazy!  Is her behavior normal? Sincerely, Cam R. Shy Dear Cam, Yes, I have been on both sides of that stressful event, both as a child and as a father. As a child, I could care less how I looked or whether or not the picture came out alright. I … [Read more...]