Dear Crabby, How Many Christmas Lights are Too Many?

Dear Crabby, My family and I were in Downtown Rochester when they flipped the switch on The Big, Bright Light Show. And that got me wondering… is there such over a thing as too many Christmas lights? Thanks, Bill Luminous Dear Mr. Luminous, You pose an interesting question there, sir. While all those thousands of lights are pretty neat, there’s a difference between having that many lights on buildings and having that many lights on your house. It seems like nowadays, there’s a … [Read more...]

Christmas Memories Light Up Around Southeast Michigan

Different Christmas movies hold special meaning for each of us; usually because there is one defining moment that stands out. In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation that moment comes when Clark Griswold finally plugs in his lights, practically making his house visible from space. Since then, we've been completely fascinated by the twinkle of Christmas lights - lots of Christmas lights. People now spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars illuminating their homes. In some instances, whole … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, My Neighbor’s Yard Looks Nicer Than Mine, Should I Care?

Dear Crabby, We just got some new neighbors whose yard is always kept nice and neat, and my yard is not so nice. It was never an issue until these new people moved in. Now my wife wants me to do something about our yard. What should I do? Sincerely, Happy As Is Guy Dear Happy As Is, Yes, I know the breed of people your new neighbors are, very well. Let me guess: they wear sweater vests, leather loafers, and drive some sort of European vehicle! Yep, I know their type. Probably no … [Read more...]