Dear Crabby, Should the Christmas Tree be real or plastic?

Dear Crabby, Every year my wife wants to get a real Christmas Tree, but I'd rather just settle for the low maintenance plastic kind. She likes all the festive activities involved with finding the tree, chopping it down, and then bringing it home and all that. What do you think is the best option? Sincerely, Ben Boring Dear Mr. Boring, I'm guessing one of three things is true about your wife: 1. She had a family that did all that garbage when she was growing up, 2. She was neglected … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Safety From The Rochester Hills Fire Department

A Christmas tree, even one treated to be flame-retardant, is capable of burning explosively, spreading the fire throughout your home quickly. Following the Christmas tree safety recommendations below will help prevent this tragedy from occurring in your home! Choose Your Tree Carefully! A live tree which can be planted after Christmas will be more likely to stay fresh throughout the season than a cut tree. Choose a healthy one and water it moderately while in the house. When choosing a … [Read more...]