Rochester Hills City Council Seeks Candidates for Appointment of At-Large Member

The Rochester Hills City Council is seeking interested qualified voters to fill an At-Large vacancy on City Council for a term to expire on November 17, 2019. Interested candidates shall be a registered elector in the City of Rochester Hills for one year, shall maintain residency during the term of office, and shall not be in default of payment of any tax, assessment or obligation owed to the City. The candidate selected to fill the vacancy shall serve until the next regular City election to … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Candidates

November Election for the City of Rochester Hills Rochester Media reached out to the candidates running for office in Rochester Hills to inform our readers about the people headed to the Rochester Hills City Council. Council Member At Large Voters will see two names on the ballot for the November 5 election. Candidate Jeff Lauth has withdrawn from the race. However, state law requires his name to remain on the ballot. Kevin S. Brown is the other candidate named on the ballot. … [Read more...]

Rochester Election Choices 2013

Election Time for the City of Rochester Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, this year. Voters will go to the polls to pick from a slate of five candidates for city council. Rochester Media reached out to those running for office to offer readers a chance to get to know the candidates before the election. Rochester City Council Candidates Currently, Rob Ray serves on the Historical Commission for the city of Rochester. “As a neighbor, I share the same community values and traditions … [Read more...]

Hills voters to decide new police funding strategy

At four paragraphs, Rochester Hills’ August 7 ballot proposal is lengthier than most. It’s also a bit more complex. Is it a tax increase, or isn’t it? If not now, is there the potential for a tax increase down the road? This year, more than ever, homework is required before entering the voting booth. The proposal is based on the recommendation of a citizen committee formed in 2007 to look for ways to address a structural deficit in police and road funding. Two dedicated police millages … [Read more...]

Applications still being accepted for ’12-’13 Rochester Hills Government Youth Council

The City of Rochester Hills is now accepting applications through Friday, May 11, 2012, for consideration for membership on the 2012-2013 Rochester Hills Government Youth Council (RHGYC). The Rochester Hills City Council established the RHGYC to promote youth involvement in local government through active participation and the mutual exchange of ideas and experience.  There are thirteen positions on the Youth Council, which include two representatives from each City Council district and five … [Read more...]

Editorial: OPC mess needs fresh eyes

It’s no surprise that a budget compromise offered by Rochester City Council was rejected by the Older Persons Commission governing board Feb.2. The two sides aren’t getting any closer to resolving the dispute that has dragged on since fall. If anything, the debate seems to become increasingly difficult with each passing week. OPC Executive Director Marye Miller says lies are being spread by Rochester City Council; Mayor Stuart Bikson calls her comments “inappropriate” and reminds her that she … [Read more...]

Ballot proposal seeks to amend Rochester Hills charter

What is the proper use of a Rochester Hills city-owned park or green space? If you said recreation, relaxation and appreciation of nature, a group of residents hope you will vote ‘yes’ on a charter amendment proposal on the Nov. 8 ballot. Earlier this year, the leaders of some of the city’s homeowner associations got together to figure out how to protect city parks from unwanted development. The move came after city council voted to build a water reservoir in a city park located next to Adams … [Read more...]

Stan Surratt Fires Back in Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor Last week, the good citizens of Rochester were awakened by a phone call.   Baton Rouge, Louisiana calling, with an unidentified  political RoboCall alleging, I, and a “dozen local…political…fat-cats”, went on a “luxury junket” to Chicago in 2009…”Kwame Kilpatrick style”.   These negative RoboCalls were filled with half-truths, innuendo, and out-right fabrication regarding a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) approved and budgeted trip to Chicago for the 2009 National … [Read more...]

Rochester Hills Chooses Trip Brennan to replace his father on City Council

The Rochester Hills City Council voted last night to replace the late J. Martin Brennan with his son Trip Brennan for the last month of his term. Councilman Michael Webber said, "Marty Brennan dedicated his life to public service. I can't think of a better way to honor him and the Brennan family than to appoint his son Trip Brennan to fill out the remaining time on Marty's term. I know that Councilman Trip Brennan will serve with distinction during this time, taking his experience as a leader … [Read more...]

Resident opinion- Let Trip Brennan finish out his Dad’s term in office

Trip Brennan knows what it takes to sit on Rochester Hills City Council... having served on our Rochester Hills Government Youth Council (RHGYC). I and many residents in Rochester Hills have seen Trip Brennan in action... he's quite good and would do a excellent job filling that seat October 17th, 2011. Trip Brennan would only be allowed this one historic night; a new Rochester Hills City Council District 2 Representative will fill the position after the November 7th, 2011 election. As a former … [Read more...]