Dear Crabby, What Happened to Global Warming, I’m freezing

Dear Crabby, What Happened to Global Warming ... I'm freezing! Sincerely, Bianca Frost   Dear Ms. Frost, Well, the global warming folks changed the name to "climate change" a few years ago because the planet was not warming as they had warned. During the 1970s, the same folks were warning us the next ice age was coming - deep, heavy snow falls seemed to validate their concerns. So now, the climate change people warn that some areas of the world will warm while others will … [Read more...]

A Fun Look at Climate Change at Oakland University

Oakland University Exhibit Allows Viewers to Contemplate A World Without Ice “World Without Ice,” a multimedia art installation focusing on Earth’s changing climate, will be open for public viewing between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. from Tuesday, September 5 through Saturday, September 9 at Oakland University’s Varner Lab Theatre. “The issue of climate change and the questions surrounding it are among the most pressing challenges we face today,” said Andrea Knutson, Ph.D., an associate … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Happend to Fall?

Dear Crabby, The first day of winter is still six weeks away, what happened to fall? Sincerely, Seasonally Confused Dear Seasonally Confused, Just a couple weeks ago, I was giving advice on how to enjoy fall. I was basing that advice on the premise that fall would be here. Of course, you can still partake in those activities, but it does seem we lost fall somewhere. Perhaps Halloween scared it away. On the other hand, maybe winter paid fall off so winter could come early. The best … [Read more...]