Dear Crabby, Is Coffee Good For You?

Dear Crabby, Some say yes and others say no, but I want to know if coffee is good for you? Thanks, Joe Brewer Dear Mr. Brewer, One day coffee is good for you and the next it’s bad for you. Back-and-forth goes the debate, the true never-ending story. The Crabby Household usually has a pot of coffee going. My first doctor tried to get me to quit, but he died. I kept drinking coffee. My second doctor demanded I quit the black nectar roast, he died too. I told this to my current doctor, and … [Read more...]

Coffee improves memory!

If coffee truly improves memory then the Bean and Leaf in Rochester should be jammed the week before exams! According to researchers prove that coffee can improve memory. "Great news for coffee drinkers: caffeine improves memory. That is the conclusion reached by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University. Michael Yassa, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins, and his colleagues discovered that … [Read more...]

First Tim Hortons in Rochester Hills

Story and Photos by Michael Dwyer Tim Comes to Town "We are thrilled to announce the opening and welcome Tim Horton's to Rochester Hills. I am sure this is the most anticipated nine-seat restaurant opening in the city’s history! It is obvious to me that Tim Horton's has a loyal following and we are pleased that our residents will now be able to enjoy their coffee and food close to home. We welcome them and wish them much success in the years to come,” said Rochester Hills mayor Bryan … [Read more...]

Peace, Love, and Coffee

I was cheerfully strolling the aisles of a local grocery store with my 2 ½-year old son, Ayrton. Actually it was more like a mad dash to collect the items I needed without a meltdown or idiotic purchase of candy and/or junk food. We were headed down the drink aisle where Ayrton noticed chocolate milk. He said, “Mmmm. Mom, I LOVE chocolate milk. What do you love?” Me: “Well, I love you!” Ayrton: “No, Mom, you love coffee.” We had a good laugh and I didn’t think much about the … [Read more...]


ROCHESTER NEWCOMERS AND NEIGHBORS CLUB invites new and existing residents of Rochester, Rochester Hills and surrounding areas to our general meeting. Rose Small the "Ladies on the Go" coordinator will be speaking about her knowledge for planning day trips throughout Michigan. Come join us and let us inform you on how our group can assist you with making new friendships through our monthly and weekly programs. Some of our activities and groups include "Mom & Tots", "Ladies on the Go", "Evening … [Read more...]

Free Starbucks From Rochester Media

  Starbuck's Giveaway! This weeks winner could be: YOU This week's contest is a little different. You must click on The Community Edge facebook page and "like" 5 different comments. You will then be entered into a drawing and several names will be selected to receive a $25 Starbuck's gift card!  Tell your friends too! … [Read more...]

Rochester Newcomers Club Welcome Coffee

The Newcomers and Neighbors Club of Greater Rochester will be hosting the Welcome Coffee on Tuesday March 22nd at Panera Bread at 37 South Livernois at 10:00am. The purpose of The Welcome Coffee is to introduce new members in the area to the Club and give them an opportunity to meet some of our members. Come join us for a cup of coffee and meet your new neighbors, catch up with old friends, and even sign up with some of the special interest groups. Please call The Newcomers hot line … [Read more...]

My Wife is a Terrible Cook – Do I Tell Her?

Dear Crabby, My wife and I recently got married, and she has been doing a lot of cooking for us. I'm not sure how to say this, but she is really, really bad at it!  Her food is burnt and flavorless and tastes nothing like my mother's!  Should I tell her? What do you recommend? Sincerely, Shocked New Groom Dear Shocked New Groom, Ah yes, the joys of youthful ignorance!  There is but one reason you see a skinny, old man in the attached picture, and it ain't cause I've been "Sweating to … [Read more...]