Oakland County Chairman Michael J. Gingell Announces that the Board Seeks to Fill Commission Seat Vacancy in District #15

Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Chairman Michael J. Gingell announces that the Board will fill the commission seat in District 15, no later than 30 days from the formal resignation of current Commissioner Jeff Matis. Matis was recently appointed as a judge to the Oakland County Sixth Judicial Circuit Court by Governor Rick Snyder. Gingell states: “The state statute provides that the Board has up to 30 days to fill a vacant seat so that the local communities will not have to incur the cost … [Read more...]

Board re-elects Commissioner Matis as Oakland County Board Vice Chairperson

On Wednesday, January 22, 2014, members of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to reelect Commissioner Jeff Matis as Vice Chairperson of the Board. He received bipartisan support from his colleagues. Since 2011, when he was a freshman commissioner, he has served as vice chairperson of the Board of Commissioners with distinction. “I am honored to be reelected as board vice chairperson by my fellow commissioners and I look forward to my continued service on behalf of the … [Read more...]