Dear Crabby, Is Common Core Harmful or Helpful?

Dear Crabby, We’re now over a month into the new school year and already I’d like to pull my hair out trying to help my kid with his math homework. This Common Core seems crazy, or am I just too old to learn new tricks? Thanks, Ned Numerical Dear Ned Numerical, The only reason I know about Common Core is because I’ve hear my children and grandchildren complaining about it, too. For those who haven’t had the privilege of experiencing Common Core firsthand, here’s quick tutorial: it’s … [Read more...]

Oakdale Academy Student earns a perfect score on ACT

Congratulations to Madeline Greb (11th grade) for achieving a perfect score on the ACT in February 2013! Less than one-tenth of 1% of high school juniors earn a perfect score nationally! Learn more here Common Core Standards are coming to Public Schools and some private. A. No. Oakdale Academy is not following the Common Core Standards. We believe that our standards of excellence exceed the CCS and that they are therefore superfluous. We do not intend to align ourselves with CCS and … [Read more...]

“Pause and review” on Common Core and high-stakes testing sent to Governor

Today, following the Senate's concurrence on Michigan's omnibus budget that included a "pause and review" provision for Michigan Department of Education's implementation of Common Core national curriculum standards and the high-stakes testing associated with it, Rep. Tom McMillin said, "Today is a very good day for Michigan citizens, almost all of who did not have the opportunity to weigh in on turning over the standards taught in all of Michigan's public schools to a national trade association … [Read more...]