School budget recommendation arrives next week

There were just a few hints at Monday’s Rochester Board of Education meeting about where cuts will and won’t be made for the 2012-13 school year. Nothing is official yet. But Assistant Superintendent for Business Daniel Romzek indicated it’s unlikely that media specialists, learning consultants and LC para-educators will be on the chopping block as the board decides how to cut $3.5 to $6.1 million from next year’s budget. On Monday, Romzek presented a list of non-prioritized potential … [Read more...]

Rochester schools consider more privatizing

Facing a shortfall of nearly $11 million for the 2012-13 school year, Rochester Community Schools appears headed toward privatizing its transportation, custodial and high-school grounds services. Jason Grant, AFSCME chapter chair for 250 employees known as the Blue Group, said Monday night that the group submitted a proposal to the school district offering $800,000 in concessions. So far, he said, the district has not responded. “We were expecting a counterproposal,” Grant said. The two … [Read more...]

Expect more cuts in Rochester schools next year

June 18 may seem like a long way off. But between now and then, a lot of important decisions will be made that will impact the next school year in Rochester. Rochester Community Schools is facing yet another round of cuts. After restructuring that adds up to $31 million since 2001, the district is facing a shortfall of $10.8 million for the next school year. At a Jan. 27 workshop, the board of education instructed administration to find budget reductions in the range of $3.5-$6.1 million and … [Read more...]