Dear Crabby, At what age should I let my daughter date?

Dear Crabby, My teenage daughter is starting to talk about boys and dating. I know she has to grow up eventually, but I’m having trouble with picking an age to let her start dating, what do you suggest? Sincerely, Nervous Dad Dear Nervous Dad, You better be nervous. All dads go through this and it’s just part of the parenting thing. Boys are easier – you can get them to believe in cooties for a long time. But girls, they’re another story altogether. They’re smarter than you are to … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Should teenagers be dating?

I will be 16 in only 23 months, yet my mom refuses to let me date. She thinks I'm too immature, isn't that just plain stupid and gross and mean and sick and wrong? It just makes me wanna eat dirt or something, just to get back at her. Do you know of a way to fix my broken mom? Thanks in advance for being on my side, Ima Bratt Dear Young Bratt, I'm sure you would be thrilled if I took your side and made your mother upset, but I've been married way to long to go against any mother's … [Read more...]