Dear Crabby, Should teenagers be dating?

I will be 16 in only 23 months, yet my mom refuses to let me date. She thinks I'm too immature, isn't that just plain stupid and gross and mean and sick and wrong? It just makes me wanna eat dirt or something, just to get back at her. Do you know of a way to fix my broken mom? Thanks in advance for being on my side, Ima Bratt Dear Young Bratt, I'm sure you would be thrilled if I took your side and made your mother upset, but I've been married way to long to go against any mother's … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Should I Use My Real Name?

Dear Crabby, People always seem to get my name wrong. Should I be correcting them or just let it go? Sincerely, Missy Mixup Dear Ms. Mixup, I have been torn on that issue for quite some time. You see, the wrong name has worked out to my advantage so many times that I am starting to use it for personal gain. It all started for me when I went to The Rochester Barber Shop for the first time to get my hair cut. I had heard that Brian was an excellent classic-style barber and had to get … [Read more...]