Dee Hilbert announces write-in candidacy for Rochester Hills City Council, District 1

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Letter to the Editor from Dee Hilbert

It is the last week before the Rochester Hills’ elections and our incumbent mayor sees fit to drag me through the mud with the letter he sent to voters this week. He has every right to respond to a flyer, but why must he bring up my name at all? Why bring a council candidate’s name into a mayoral candidate’s letter? Who is the mayor running against, council candidates? I have never “blamed” anyone or indicated I want to “reverse the course” in Rochester Hills as stated in his letter. Anyone … [Read more...]

Dee Hilbert Running for City Council At-Large

Anyone who’s been watching Rochester Hills City Council over the last decade has probably seen or heard about Dee Hilbert. A founder of Citizens Voice/Rochester Hills, Hilbert has been keeping her eye on council. This year, she’s decided to run for an at-large seat. “I have been actively involved in local issues for over 10 years, informing, listening and advocating for Rochester Hills’ residents,” she said. “I decided to run because there is a need for respective representation and open, … [Read more...]