Sue Ann Douglas Responds to the upcoming DIA Tax vote

Sorry Mr. Beal but ‘Ain’t Gonna Happen!’ just isn’t good enough. I’m still not convinced that the collection is protected from a bankruptcy or emergency manager and now I’ve found two separate examples of where the DIA representatives have told the media that they would litigate to buy time while Detroit’s solvency problems were resolved if there was an attempt to sell the art. More money down the drain but their Plan B tells me that my concerns are on point. I have an idea on how to protect … [Read more...]

DIA asks, ‘You voting?’

Voters in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties will find a proposal on the Aug. 7 ballot seeking a new tax for the Detroit Institute of Arts. The DIA is seeking 0.2 mills for 10 years to replace the financial support it used to receive from the state and the city of Detroit, which is no longer provided. If levied, it would provide free general-admission to county residents, including school field trips, and allow the DIA to focus its private fund-raising efforts on its endowment fund. Under … [Read more...]

Citizen Opinion: Ambiguous, Deceptive Ballot Language for DIA Tax Should Be Voted Down

By Sue Ann Douglas, 18 Year Oakland County Commissioner – Retired When go to vote, you may think that the millage request below is for a facility or facilities in Oakland County. Well, it is NOT for an Oakland County facility. It's for the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). "OAKLAND COUNTY ART INSTITUTE AUTHORITY MILLAGE The Oakland County Art Institute Authority established pursuant to Public Act 296 of 2010 to allow for continuing support of art institute services for the students, … [Read more...]

Member of Speakers Bureau from the Detroit Institute of Arts will discuss Vanity, Fashion and Culture as a Mirror of Society

Marlene Hamel from the Speakers Bureau/Detroit Institute of Arts will discuss how dress, adornment, and hairstyles convey beauty, power and prestige on Thursday, April 5th at 7 p.m. at the Rochester Hills Public Library Registration is required and open to those with a Rochester Hills Public library card. To register go to the Events Calendar at or call 248-656-2900. The Rochester Hills Public Library is located in downtown Rochester two blocks east of Main Street off of … [Read more...]