Dear Mr. Orr: Oakland County pens response to DWSD situation

On Monday, The Detroit News ran the article, Oakland County calls Orr's criticism of water authority stalemate 'desperate attempt to justify your deeply flawed proposal.' However, Oakland County officials had submitted a seven-page letter and other documents to The Detroit News as part of the county's ongoing issue with the Detroit Water & Sewer Department's (DWSD) proposal that began months ago. Rochester Media has included the letter, written by Chief Deputy, County Executive Gerald D. … [Read more...]

Oakland County Board of Commissioners call for Transparency of Detroit Water & Sewer Department Records

On Thursday, February 6, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners will present a resolution regarding a newly selected bi-partisan study group by Oakland County Board Chairman Michael Gingell. The group will look into the methods and also the finances and rates  charged to Oakland County rate payers by the Detroit Water & Sewer Department at the Board’s 9:30 a.m. meeting. Many questions have to be answered and the Oakland County Board of Commissioners will do their due diligence on this issue. … [Read more...]