City reminds Hills residents of watering restrictions

Rochester Hills residents: Do you know that the time of day you water your lawn has an impact on the city’s water rates? The city purchases wholesale water from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. DWSD determines wholesale water rates to suburban communities on an annual basis based on estimated revenue requirements for the upcoming season and based on each community’s usage requirements. The rate to each community is based on the following main factors: Distance from the water … [Read more...]

Water Reservoirs in Rochester Hills

I believe the proposed water reservoirs will save our residents money. Residents and council members have raised some concerns about the locations but so far nothing has been determined. My goal in the site location process is to support feasible locations that will burden our residential neighborhoods the least. Because of the need to connect the reservoirs to existing water mains and the geographical elevation requirements there are not many locations to choose from. Over the past few months … [Read more...]