Dear Crabby, Can anyone learn to snow ski?

Dear Crabby, How hard is it to learn to snow ski? I'm an adult now and I'm never done it, but it cannot be that hard... can it? Sincerely, Igo Boom Dear Igo Boom, I do not think the answer to this question will be the same for everybody. Things come pretty simple to me except for things that deal with money, people, or my in-laws. I learned to ski one weekend as a teenager with a few of my buddies as we drove north out of Detroit and found a ski hill. We were all given verbal … [Read more...]

Rochester, Michigan- History and current facts and figures

The City of Rochester is a beautiful place to live just 24 miles north of Detroit, MI. According to Wikipedia the Graham family, built a log cabin in 1817. Making it one of the oldest communities in the area. The cabin was located where the Quik Pik and Penn Station stores today exist at the intersection of Main and Second Street. The city was named for Rochester, New York, just like Rochester, Minnesota, as many early settlers to the area were formerly from the state of New York. The city … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How do I survive the Art Institute?

Dear Crabby, My girlfriend loves art and always wants to take me to different museums to stare at walls full of art. I really want to enjoy it, but I find it rather difficult. What can I do? Sincerely, Knott A Picasso Dear Knott A. Picasso, Being the art-lover that I am not, I have actually found several ways to enjoy the art museums. You see, since Mrs. Crabby does love art, she likes to drag me along to The Detroit Institute of Art whenever she can. After barely surviving my first … [Read more...]

What is the Solution for Detroit- Opinion by Ravi Yalamanchi

Detroit is in news every day for crime, Kwame Kilpatrick or financial challenges. Ironically all three are connected in some respect. Detroit financial challenges started in early 70’s as more people and businesses started to move out into the suburbs. In the past four decades there has never been responsible management of the city. One thing stayed constant in the past four decades is poor, failed and corrupt leadership and bloated for decades with high costs to the tax payer. While revenue … [Read more...]

Worker falls off Ambassador Bridge in Detroit

U.S. Coastguard reports that a worker fell off the Ambassador Bridge on Wednesday January 11 at 2pm. The water is 37 degrees they say. The search continues! … [Read more...]

Author of Detroitland to Speak at the Rochester Hills Public Library

Local historian and journalist Richard Bak will discuss his latest book Detroitland: A Collection of Movers, Shakers, Lost Souls, and History Makers from Detroit’s Past. on Thursday, January 19 at 7 p.m. at the Rochester Hills Public Library. Bak has assembled many of his award-winning historical features, all originally written for such periodicals as Hour Detroit, Detroit Monthly, and Michigan History and now updated and expanded for this collection. Bak relives the scandals, mysteries, … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What is the Deal with Snow Days?

Dear Crabby, What is the deal with snow days in Michigan?  It seems like some people take the day off at the mere threat of a snow fall.  Aren't the locals prepared for this? Sincerely, Sammy Snowshoe Dear Mr. Snowshoe, I have lived in Michigan my entire life, and there are a few things that go without question in this state. They are as follows:  we grow our own cherries, we always and without fail build our own cars  (unless another country can do it cheaper for us), and we have at … [Read more...]

Verizon’s How Sweet The Sound Competition

Just across the border of Rochester Hills you may have heard the sweet sound of the Apostolic Church Choir.  The choir of the Apostolic Church of Auburn Hills seeks to represent Oakland County in the semi-final round of the Verizon "How Sweet The Sound" Competition at Joe Louis Arena this Saturday. The 70 plus member choir is the only Choir from Oakland County to make it to the final round this Saturday. It is an opportunity that the choir and the director, Buffie Dumas, are really excited … [Read more...]

Do You Know the History of Kmart?

Sebastian S. Kresge and his "little" department store Kmart. With his humble beginnings, historic philanthropist Sebastian S. Kresge likely couldn’t have imagined that the city of Detroit would turn his modest five-and-dime store into the gargantuan enterprise it became. S.S. Kresge Co. opened in Detroit in 1899, and later expanded into Kmart Corporation, before merging with Sears, Roebuck & Co. … [Read more...]

The History of Vernors and The Boston Cooler

Legend has it that Vernor’s ginger ale was created in 1866 when Detroit pharmacist James Vernor returned home from the Civil War and found that the syrup he’d created and stored for four years had transformed into a deliciously different drink. Combined with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (preferably Strohs), the distinctly Detroit soda created a Midwest delicacy: the Boston cooler, believed to be named after Detroit’s Boston Boulevard. … [Read more...]