Rochester Hills Memorial Day Parade

This year's Memorial Day Parade begins with an opening ceremony at 9:15 am at Mt. Avon Cemetery in the City of Rochester. The parade itself starts at 10:00 am and proceeds from the cemetery to Veterans Memorial Point (corner of Avon and Livernois) in Rochester Hills. We are very pleased to announce a special program that will be part of the Memorial Day Parade this year. We are honoring one of man’s most valuable friends, the service dog. We are honoring dogs in the military, dogs that help … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Please Help Save My Cat!

Dear Crabby, I love my cat so much, but he is very sick with something right now. My therapist says I should not spend any money on her since she is 18 years old and probably near the end of her life. But I cannot live without her; I would spend every last dime I have to keep her just one more day! What should I do? Sincerely, Cat Woman Dear Cat Woman, Well, I need to tell you that you are probably asking the wrong guy. I am not a huge cat fan and I probably wouldn't have spent the money to … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, My Son Wants A Dog and I Don’t!

Dear Crabby, My son really wants a dog, and I am not sure I can hold him off anymore.  I have refused to get one because they stink and make messes, and I know I will be the only one that will take care of it.  What should I do? Sincerely,  Joe Say No Dear Mr. Say No, Well, in keeping with your name, my first recommendation is that you just say no!  That would be the easiest short-term answer anyway.  Long-term, however, there will be all the counseling fees and emotional damage to … [Read more...]