Dear Crabby, Will the Country Unite?

Dear Crabby, Will the Country Unite? Sincerely, Bernie Supporter   Hello, Always good to hear from a Bernie supporter - you folks are so entertaining and funny, thank you for your question. Yes and no. Half of the people are angry, mad, upset, disappointed, pointing blame, and just plain frustrated right now. Eight years ago it was the other half feeling the same way. They thought President Obama would destroy our way of life, that he hated America and what we stood for, that … [Read more...]

Donald J. Trump Speaks to Michigan, in Detroit, on How to Make America Great Again

Donald J. Trump Speaks to Michigan Beth Chappell, President and CEO of the Detroit Economic Club, welcomed the crowd of 1,500 paid guests. John Rakolta, Jr., CEO of Walbridge, and Mike Pence, Republican candidate for Vice President, also said a few words. Mr. Pence quickly introduced Mr. Trump to the stage. “Thank you for the invitation to speak to you today. It’s wonderful to be in Detroit – been here many times. We now begin a great national conversation about economic renewal for … [Read more...]

Trump’s Comes to Michigan

Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump, came to Michigan today to speak to the Detroit Economic Club and 1,500 members. Rochester Media was one of over 150 media members in attendance. Fourteen hecklers interrupted his talk, briefly, as they were all escorted out of the room (and presumable the building) very quickly. Read: Donald J. Trump Speaks to Michigan, in Detroit, on How to Make America Great Again … [Read more...]

By the Numbers: Michigan Picks Trump and Sanders

The turnout for the Michigan March 8, 2016 presidential primary election is a record with 2.4 million voters showing up to pick Donald J. Trump on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side. Yesterday's turnout beats the 1972 record of 1.7 million votes cast. Clinton beat Sanders in Oakland County, however the Rochester Hills tally was similar to the Michigan numbers. Michigan Totals Republican Primary Candidates Vote Pct. Delegates Trump Donald J. … [Read more...]