Dear Crabby, Has the White House Gone to the Dogs?

Dear Crabby, I saw a blurb over the weekend that President Biden’s 13-year-old German Shepherd, Champ, had passed away. So, that got me wondering about presidential pets. Are they always dogs? Thanks! M.R. EdDear M.R. Ed, No matter your political affiliation, it’s always hard when a family loses a cherished pet. Unless it’s a goldfish. Then you just flush those suckers down the toilet and buy another before your daughter notices. But you ask an interesting question and I was … [Read more...]

Election Results: Donald Trumps Clinton to Become the next US President, RTA Fails, and More

The Election Highlights: Donald Trump WINS, and will be the 45th President. Regional Transit Authority Tax FAILS, but just by a nose. Republicans keep house and senate. Read the full Michigan Numbers Details on Oakland County   … [Read more...]

Trump Vs. Clinton

Rochester Media and the Community Edge had a chance to attend events that brought both major presidential candidates to Michigan. Our great state is a swing state - meaning the it could go Democrat or Republican - with an extremely close race this election cycle, chances are the candidate who draws more of his or her party to the polls will take Michigan. Will you go to the polls today to make your voice be heard? Here are links to our coverage for your review: Hillary Clinton Visits … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton Visits Michigan and Calls Trump’s Plan Unacceptable

Clinton Calls Trump's Plan Unacceptable to Working Families and a Win for the Wealthy Secretary Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for president, came to Michigan on Thursday, August 11, to deliver her message about fixing the economy. Following the Trump visit to Detroit four days earlier, Mrs. Clinton came to Warren to talk to supporters at the Futuramic Tool & Engineering plant off 10 Mile Road. Unlike the Trump speech, there were not any protesters inside the building to … [Read more...]

Yes, Donald Trump is Right

Trump Right: Many Media Stories are Rigged Op-Ed by State Representative Jim Runestad Many media outlets are simply a collection of agenda driven activists. The truth to them is of little consequence when compared to advocating their personal agendas. An article in the Holland Sentinel is a case in point. They misreported some critical facts relating to a bill I introduced on bathroom usage. Either they never read my bill or read it and decided to interpret it to suit their agenda. I sent … [Read more...]

Republican leaders Discuss Party’s Direction at Rochester Hills Event

From our friends at The Oakland Press Republican voters shared their hopes for the party’s platform ahead of the Republican National Convention Monday, June 6 during a listening session in Rochester Hills. Convention delegate Meshawn Maddock, of Milford, took suggestions from a crowd of more than two dozen attendees of Platform, Politics and Pizza at the ConCorde Inn. Maddock, a Donald Trump Delegate from the 11th Congressional District, is one of just two individuals in the state … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why Should I Care about Iowa and New Hampshire?

Dear Crabby, Last week, everyone was all about the Iowa Caucus and this week people can’t seem to shut up about the New Hampshire Primary. What I want to know is why are these two states so important during a presidential election? Thanks! Beatrix Bipartisan Dear Ms. Bipartisan, Excellent question! And honestly… I have no idea. But ain’t it a kick in the head to watch? I bet some of these candidates couldn’t even find these two states on a map before they started campaigning and … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Was Your Favorite Story from 2015?

Dear Crabby, I'm a loyal reader of your column and I was wondering out of all the topics you wrote about this past year, which one was your favorite? Thanks! Dave Devotée Dear Mr. Devotée, First, thanks for reading my column. You have excellent taste in reading material. Of course I think everyone should be reading it because clearly I'm the go-to authority on pretty much everything. My grandkids will tell you that's because I'm older than dirt, but I like to think it's because God … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Would You Vote for Donald Trump?

Dear Crabby, Between the GOP debate last week and Donald Trump’s visit to Michigan this week, I am curious… would you vote for him? He seems to have a no-nonsense approach to politics that you would appreciate. Thanks, Billy Bipartisan Dear Mr. Bipartisan, That’s an excellent question, young man. Let me say that as a general rule I try to stay away from discussing politics… with anyone. It’s not that I don’t have an opinion -- quite the opposite in fact as all my loyal readers know. … [Read more...]