Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘No’ on Commercializing Parks

We are in the election season and receive many mailings regarding the candidates. I received one today that I feel the need to respond with some historical facts for your consideration. Write-in candidate Bryan Barnett, current mayor excluded from running on the ballot due to term limit regulations, rightfully claims that that he has invested in our parks and trails. However, what he fails to disclose in his mailing is his attempts to commercialize our park lands near our homes and … [Read more...]

Drill, No Drill, or Strip Mall?

The issue of oil and gas drilling keeps bubbling to the surface as the election gets closer. On Tuesday evening, a group of protesters gathered at the southeast corner of Adams and Tienken Roads to bring awareness to their concerns. Their concerns about oil and gas drilling has sparked again because of a for sale sign that has gone up on that corner, opposite of Adams High School. Don't Drill The Hills, a local grassroots group raising awareness on the issue, has suggested the commercial … [Read more...]

Don’t Drill the Hills Celebrates its First Anniversary – A Year of Engagement & Awareness

Don’t Drill the Hills, Inc (DDHI) is proud of our first year of fighting for local resident voices in public property decisions, and helping shape the local and State conversation on issues specific to oil and gas exploration in high density residential areas. Perhaps the first organization of its kind in Michigan – we are a non-partisan, nonprofit group who is NOT against domestic energy production, but believes industrial activities belong in appropriate areas and should be pursued with a … [Read more...]

Oakland County Judge Dismisses Gas & Oil Case Against Rochester Hills

Claims Made Against City without Merit The Oakland County Circuit Court today dismissed a lawsuit filed by Don’t Drill the Hills, Inc. against the City of Rochester Hills and others. According to a press release the lawsuit alleged that the City unlawfully entered into an oil and gas lease with Jordan Development Company. Among other things, it claimed the lease violated the City Charter and that the issue should have been placed on a ballot. The lease in question covers the subsurface … [Read more...]

State Representative Candidate VanRaaphorst Responds to Rochester Hills Moratorium

Please Note: The content in this post was received via email from Joanna VanRaaphorst's, (candidate for State Representative - 45th District) campaign manager. It is posted solely as Ms. VanRaaphorst's opinion. No compensation was received by Rochester Media for posting it, nor should it be perceived as an endorsement of Ms. VanRaaphorst's campaign. Even though Rochester Hills residents were only given 18-hours notice, it was standing room only at the City of Rochester Hills Emergency meeting … [Read more...]