Is our freedom under arrest?

Op-Ed by Dr. Eric Herfert Lies In Plain View… Being able to believe what you want, and then being able to share those ideas with other people, and finally being able to act on what you believe are the most sacred rights that we as Americans hold dear to our hearts. What we believe is at the core of our being… who we are as a people… and why we do what we do in life. If we cannot act on our ideals, provided we don’t injure anyone else, are we really free? Our Founding Fathers understood … [Read more...]

Getting at the “Real Cause” of Blood Pressure

By Eric B. Herfert, DC Normally Joe wouldn’t drive on such a winding road at night, especially in the middle of a torrential rainstorm. But this shortcut would avoid a lot of traffic, and it would also save him 15 minutes in driving time. He should have just decided to cancel his appointment this night, but Joe had to get to this meeting with a client, or he could kiss his possible raise and promotion goodbye! Each turn of the road had a steep drop off on one side, and a wall of rocks, … [Read more...]

Why do I Vote?

Special Commentary by Dr. Eric B. Herfert, DC Why do I vote? This seems like a simple question, but the answer to the question is much deeper than most of us ever choose to think about. Do I cast my vote in elections "to win," when "winning" requires me to vote for individuals opposed to the Word of God and opposed to submission to Jesus Christ? Does how I vote require me to temporarily set aside the commands of God? Or do I vote to voice my "God quickened conscience" to a "fallen world" … [Read more...]