Oakland University Chapter of Sigma Xi Achieves Top-Tier Ranking

The Oakland University (OU) chapter of Sigma Xi recently achieved a third place ranking after competing with more than 500 chapters in the United States and abroad for the Sigma Xi Chapter Excellence Award, which is presented to chapters that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and quality in their overall annual programming. “On behalf of our Chapter members and officers, we are very excited and want to share our enthusiasm with the community,” said Dr. Shailesh Lal, a professor of … [Read more...]

From Maize to Medicine

Oakland University (OU) Researchers Learning More about Human Cancer through Genetic Analysis of Corn   The genetic information in a kernel of corn could be a key to better understanding how normal cells become cancerous in humans, according to a recent collaborative study conducted by researchers from OU and the University of Florida. “This is an exciting development as it suggests we can use plants as model systems to better understand human disease,” said Dr. Gerard Madlambayan, an … [Read more...]